"There is a close cooperation between Domestic Outsourcing and Arendsdorp. They do not only take care of our regular cleaning, they also stock our household and office supplies.

I am very critical when it comes to the quality of the service for our building. If you work in a big building like ours, you must know what you are doing. We are very satisfied with Domestic Outsourcing. They work with reliable people you can count on. They are also easy to communicate with.

I can certainly recommend Domestic Outsourcing."

Mr. G. Reabel - Manager luxurious flat building Arendsdorp,

"As a foreigner without a huge support network it is fantastic having access to some professional people who can help me when it is needed. I started to use the service of Domestic Outsourcing 2,5 years ago when I moved to the Netherlands. Then I was looking for a super professional company that I could trust. I found that in Domestic Outsourcing. For me they provide regular cleaning services, the cleaning of my windows, spring cleaning of my patio and various other services. The regular cleaning services are always done to the best of standards. But I have also been very happy about the help Domestic Outsourcing has been able to provide for more irregular services. For instance, help with finding somebody to clean the chimney, help with receiving goods from another country, etc. The help is always super flexible! I would recommend your services to anybody who needs good, professional and flexible services."

Ms. H. Sorensen, Fort Lauderdale, USA,

When I return home after an exhausting business trip and find a perfectly clean apartment, fresh flowers, new sheets on the bed, and my errands done, I realize just how wonderful it is to have found Domestic-Outsourcing. They are a life saver!

Mrs. Jeri Eagen, Chigago, USA,