Rolien van Groeningen - Director


Rolien is the owner of Domestic Outsourcing and she is a familiar face in the cleaning industry.

In addition to Domestic Outsourcing she is the owner of KSV: a business that provides domestic help in the business area.

With a background in the domestic services and the care she puts her heart and soul into her business.

“Leaving household chores in the hands of professionals need no longer be an extravagant luxury. We like helping our clients find their way through this hectic life and provide solutions for their daily challenges. This is both my strength and the strength of Domestic-Outsourcing.”


Jolanda Persoon - Financieel Manager


Jolanda Persoon is the financial manager of Domestic Outsourcing.

"I have previously worked for another cleaning company. Domestic Outsourcing is far different. The service offered is much more extensive and

Domestic Outsourcing only works with representative people with a good knowledge of English and/or the Dutch language. It's a fun, dynamic company in which no day is the same.

I Especially like the contact with people. The informal atmosphere with colleagues and the many personal contacts with customers. I like that Domestic Outsourcing a social business: concerned kind and always flexible."


Mascha van Beek - Office Manager


Mascha van Beek is the Office Manager of Domestic Outsourcing.

Mascha takes care of the planning and she is responsible for organising all of the administrative activities that facilitate the smooth running of the office.

She answers all emails, orders and draws up the contracts.

"I have a great job, with great colleagues. Everyone is open and friendly and is willing to go the extra mile."

Field service


Serina Vels - Supervisor


Nathalie van den Berg - Supervisor


Mirjam Lauwer - Supervisor